March 2017

When verizon sold their service to frontier , we made a phone bill payment for $174.00 to verizon, 2 weeks latter we got a call from frontier saying that they have not received the payment, they informed us that all communications that they had with verizon was cut off. and they informed me that the bill is still due and it is now up to me to get verizon to get the money forwarded to frontier. Nice company's ?

Frontier gave us a bunch of phone number that they had but all lead to a dead end, we sent 6 letters and all wear rturned marked return to sender. - Nice..

We went on their facebook page and left messages and all they would say is sorry nothing they can do.?..  Nice. Very Nice.

We filed a complaint with FTC. and files a complaint with ripoff reports.

But it looks like the the big corporate of Verizon just got away with theft from a 86 year old lady. ,Good Job Verizon.

So we paid the bill again this time to frontier. Our contract is up in November and then it's good by to frontier.
Our entire family and grand kids 26 in all have switched cell phone service away from verizon, and some of our family members is doing more to get the word out at work and school that doing any business with verizon will only cost you in the long run.


Stay away from the big bad wolf of Verizon and Frontier Communications

May 1 2017 - They still will not return the stolen funds.

May 14 20417 sent to HOSTMASTER@FRONTIERNET. Every sense we filed a report to FTC, FCC on Verizon and Frontier for theft of funds back in March 2017 . Our pone service is almost non usable, static beyond belief internet speeds ranged from 12.6 to 53.1 download and upload. We are being bill for 56/56, If we canít get what we are paying for then Your service has broke the contract agreement and we will close the account. I donít like getting the runaround from large corporation who think they are above the law. Mildred Rey 1766 Eucalyptus, St Perris, CA 92570 Account 9519409423


Aug 26 2017 - They still will not return the stolen funds.