Welcome to Woodenaxe
I first opened on May 19 2015

I have had a lot of Staff Members take advantage of my good nature over these years to abuse myself and the server to their own benefit. So that they can give friends preferential treatment. Over regular players.  So as of Oct 8 2018 I had to restart the world so that they do not come back and try to claim Copyrights. After this I will trust no one with access to commands or giving anyone any ranks so please don’t ask, it will force me to mute you on this server.

To those who come to just play and build you are most welcome here.

If you come to try to start any kind of harassment of players or to talk trash about the server or of the owner you are not welcomed and will be removed for life.

Some things player can help with is to start up player shops, give the location and a name of your shop and I will add it to the warp list, and shops list at spawn.

If you need to message the owner cewallace about suggestions or anything you can just leave a message in game chat using : @cewallace <and the message>, The Chat Log Is checked each 4 Hrs.

Legal: Any players who uses this server is giving up the claim of legal ownership in regards of building on this server and any Copyright Protections.. This protects me from needing to restart the world.

Sorry about the above message but I just wanted you to know where I am coming from.

Be Sure to check the Announcements from time to time, any updates will be posted there first.

Welcome To Woodenaxe
Oct 8 2018