Welcome to Woodenaxe

Welcome To Woodenaxe Continuing where the others left off. The Old Fashioned Way

Woodenaxe Is a No-frills Minecraft Server – Just down to earth Minecraft.
We first opened on May 19 2015

Woodenaxe servers are for everyone to enjoy. All players are treated the same, the game is played on an even board whether you are new to Minecraft or a professional player. We welcome all Young and and the Old.

Well, just like thousands out there, we are hopelessly addicted to Minecraft and it is ok with us. We do not want cure to this awesome addiction. What we want… is more Minecraft and we will not rest till everyone in the world is hooked on this Minecraft lifestyle.

So quit your job , drop out of school and dump your girlfriend/boyfriend: it is too late to quit now… get some of this fine Minecraft stuff!

* Please note that the server’s is rated R-18 due to some of the content that can be featured in the chat system. While we will allow people of all ages, player discretion is advised.

In keeping with a vanilla style our enhancements are intended to be not over intrusive the way the game is played.

PLUGINS: Only 4 Active

ShopChest : 
Chest shops is a plugin, to format a sign in a specific way, to create a shop, out of a chest. You can choose whether players buy, sell, or both, from your shop.​

Claims : protect your base from jerks and creepers. Find gold, make a golden shovel and mark two corners to setup a claim (via the popular GriefPrevention plugin).
Use /bal to see money and balance of blocks remaining.
Claims will be removed if no activity for longer then 90 days.

RTP : Lets you spond in Random location on the map. helps you find that just right place to build and call home. use: /rtp

Essentials: for Set homes,Balance,Warps,Books.

Resource world: use /alpha to teleport to this world.

Standard normal world. The surface has vegetation, grass & trees.

The ore rates underground are the same as any standard Minecraft generated world.

The world will be randomly generated every month at a set time, this will replace resource nodes in different locations to prevent players from ore mapping.

Size of 3k to prevent server lag.

In the resource world, you may not build, towny claim, PvP, or set a home.

The world still contains normal amounts of sediments such as sand, clay, and gravel that can be extracted underground as well.

Normal mobs use caution.

Community Driven

We are heavily focused on building a great community here at Woodenaxe. We also encourage players to start their own towns, inviting others to live with them and help make the towns grow. Events are also held to bring everyone together. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help out by Keeping The Server Looking Nice.


We are big on rules and one of our biggest rules is no griefing. Although it is a rule, some people still try to break it. So we have anti-griefing tools to help keep your builds safe! Claiming land is easy and you can even let other people you trust build with you too.
More information about claiming land can be found in our very informative Forum. Please make sure you read everything before asking questions!

How do I Protect My Builds

We use GreifPrevention Plugin for protecting all players builds. See Forum FAQ for help with GreifPrevention land claim.

Perks and Online Shops

No Donations are required to use our server
We have no donation store and You will not be asked to donate. 
You will not hear, see, or be bothered by me unless there is a problem that you have requested that we look at.


These rules are here to help keep our server running smoothly and to help us build a friendly community of players who enjoy building, creating, and exploring. Failure to follow the rules may result in jailing, muting, or banning.

Playing on our server means you agree to the following rules:

1. Respect other players

Do not insult other players in chat (no name calling, or swearing at each other). Do not use hate speech or deliberately try to be offensive. Do not use signs or other messages to disrespect other players. Please remember that our server has players from many different backgrounds, cultures, political affiliations, religions, ages, genders, and sexualities. You do not have to like or agree with everyone, but you do need to respect them. We will not tolerate bigoted, racist, sexist, etc. players.

2. No griefing or stealing

We are not a raid or factions server. Do not take things that do not belong to you. Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds. There is NO excuse for griefing. If you discover another player has done something to you, report it to staff. Do not grief or steal from them in revenge. You will be punished for retaliatory actions. We take things like lava and TNT seriously, and players who use them against other players risk being Permanently Jailed.

3. Don’t abuse the chat system

Do not advertise for other servers in chat. Do not spam chat. Do not use chat to beg other players for anything (this can include items, teleport requests, etc). Do not use chat to insult other players (see Rule 1). Do not use hate speech in chat (see Rule 1).
Use of swear words is not allowed any will be deleted
You must speak English in public chat. Other languages may be used in private messages.

4. PvP is allowed, but must be consensual

Any attempts to kill other players without consent will not be tolerated.
TNT, lava, pushing, traps, etc. are all forms of PVP. Pranks of any kind are also not allowed.

5. No anti-AFK devices allowed

Going AFK is fine, but AFK time does not count toward time logged. Attempts to get around this by building anti-afk pools or devices are strictly forbidden. This includes afk fishing farms that prevent you from going AFK.

6. No client hacks, cheating or server exploits

Staffs are here to assist you and to keep the server running smoothly. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, please respect that. Do not abuse or disrespect staff in chat. If you are in need of assistance, you should ask a for help first. Players may refer you to a staff member if they are unable to assist. Players that offer help are NOT here to help you mine, destroy your builds, or give you things. If they assist you in something like that, it is not part of their game play time.

7. Respect other players’ builds and spaces

Many of our players like to build big, and like lots of space around them to do so. Please do not build close to other players without asking them if it’s okay first. If you are visiting someone and they ask you to leave, please do so. Don’t grief or steal from other players. Don’t break other player’s crops, or kill their farm animals.

8. Beware of sharing your account

If you share your account with another player (such as a sibling or friend) who does not abide by our rules, we may ban your account. Please take care that only YOU have access to your account, or that anyone you share with is fully aware of our server rules and will obey them. You take responsibility for everything that happens on your account.

9. Obey signs and written instructions

This particularly applies to public farms. Signs are there to direct you in how to use the farm without abusing the farm. Please pay attention to ALL signs and instructions. Failure to do so may result in loss of farm privileges, jail time, or possibly banning.

10. Do not circumvent a ban by logging in with an alt account

This rule should be common sense – if you are ever banned from our network, it does not mean you can log in using another account. We have tools in place to check whether a player is logging in from the same IP address as a banned player. So don’t try to get around your ban, we will know.

If you see someone breaking the rules report It.

Cheaters will not be tolerated. If you see someone breaking the rules please e-mail us at staff@woodenaxe.net and include screenshots of the user breaking the rules and or any relevant information. A reward of 64 Diamonds will be added to your inventory.

Somewhere inside the spawn we have placed a chest full of level 5 tools, armor and two Villager eggs, when that one is found a new chest will be placed in another location.

A Personal Message from owner, cewallace: I am very happy to bring back Woodenaxe. I have always missed running this server and it brings back so many memories to once again run what I believe is such an essential gamemode to Minecraft. A big reason why we made Woodenaxe was to revive PVE survival server, which is surprisingly hard to find nowadays. I couldn’t remotely find any good servers, so I created my own, with bringing back only the best features and ideas I could remember. This gamemode was such a big part of my early Minecraft years. I know I am not alone and there are people out there who miss what I do. It will always be my goal to Woodenaxe online for as long as I can. Anyways I hope you enjoy the server and feel free to message me anytime in-game or on here. I don’t bite.


Oct 2018 I closed the server due to loss of eye sight, not able to read logs or messages without someone reading them to me. it was to frustrating Not being able solve players problems or fix server crashes. Jan 22 2019 is the date of my surgery, they tell me I will as good as new afterwards. so I am reopening the Woodenaxe Server.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A automatic server maintenance will start each night at 12 midnight pst and will run for 6 min.

Version git-Spigot-(MC: 1.13.2)
Game Server IP: play.woodenaxe.net
Game Server IP:
World Map:  http://map.woodenaxe.net
Email: cewallace@woodenaxe.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/zx8GUQZ

Minecraft Hosting Service: https://thebeasthosting.com/
Website Hosting Service: https://www.interserver.net/webhosting/