New Woodenaxe Restart

New Server New Map.


No Admin Shops
No Staff
No Ranks
No Popups asking you to donate or vote.
No Being bothered by hidden players.

You can build anything you wish.

Make sure to claim your land – stand in the center of your build and use the command /claim or place a chest. then use your golden shovel click on a corner and expand or shrink it then do the same on the opposite corner so that it covers your whole build area. 

I just ask that if you build a grinder please keep it small and allow public access to it, we will set up a warp for you, just drop me a message to the location of the warp you want placed,X,Y,Z

AFK Fishing? : Sure I use it a lot myself, no problem.

Easter Egg: You can now cook flesh into leather.
Unlimited Set homes
Unlimited land claims any size.
Keep inventory : ON

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