Server Rules

The following rule violations will result in an Instaban:

1] Hacking/Modding. This includes X-ray, X-ray texture patches, glitch exploits, and mini-maps.
2] Spamming. This includes camping, commands, private messages, and tpa requests.
3] Threatening to DDOS the server or Doxing another player.
4] Griefing spawn or other Server builds which are intended for use by all players.
5] Stealing from Server displays or command blocks through glitches or exploits.
6] Advertising Another Servers IP or Name.

The following rule violations will result in a Kick / Ban:

1] Impersonating or asking for staff.
2] Inappropriate skins / usernames / weapon names. This includes nudity, vulgarity, or lewd language.
3] Slurs or hate speech of any kind. This includes the building of swastikas or other offensive symbols.
4] Spawn fighting. This Includes the Nether Spawn and End Spawn.
5] Verbal / personal attacks / harrassment of other players.
6] Disruptive arguments / discussions in public chat. Staff will ask you to move them to a private chat.

1] Any builds that have been grifed and is not protected by a land claim will not be rolled back.It is the responsibility of the player to protect their property by using the land claim.
2] I Don’t Use Helpers Or Admins, Don’t Ask To Become One The Answer Is No.
3] Griefing is allowed; if you find a unprotected build it’s all yours.
4] PVP is allowed throughout the server. PvP will not work in claimed lands.

We ask that you:

1] Please keep lag to a minimum (Do not allow massive amounts of entities to accrue).
2] Do not encourage other players to hack or break the server’s rules. Doing so may result in both players being punished.
3] Be respectful of other players and the staff.
4] Listen to cewalllace and follow reasonable requests.
5] Report any player caught breaking one of the rules listed above. If a player is caught breaking a rule, and it comes to our attention that other players were aware of the rulebreaking, then the other players will be held equally accountable.

*Evading a ban by using another account is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts*

**NEW RULE** Using the Nether roof is now against the rules and could result in a ban.

The rules are interpreted by cewallace , whose word is law. These rules are subject to change at any time.