By donating you accept the following terms and conditions and agree to abide by the rules of the server, which may be changed or updated from time to time. If you do not completely agree, do not donate. By continuing to play you are aware that these rules now apply to you, please tell an admin if you do not agree with these new rules.

No refunds or charge backs for any reason.

You are donating your money permanently, without stipulation and with no expectation of receiving any tangible goods or services in exchange for your contribution, and are in fact guaranteed nothing and pledge to never ask for your money back for any reason.

While the server owner does award certain trivial in-game perks to show appreciation to donors, acceptance of your donation does not obligate the owner to provide continued access to said perks. The server owner and administrators reserve the right to at any time alter or revoke any and all perks you receive without a refund.

While your donation is given for the intended purpose of helping fund continued operation of the server, it in no way guarantees you continued access to the server. You are solely responsible for the behavior of your account in-game and accept full responsibility for any misconduct. The server owner and administrators reserve the right to at any time for any reason deny you access to the server and its associated website and TeamSpeak by means of banishment without a refund.

The server owner is not responsible for your satisfaction with your gaming experience, or the conduct of other players, and may alter or terminate the gaming experience at any time. While you may voluntarily stop playing on the server at any time for any reason, you agree that you are in no way entitled to a refund of your donations regardless of the circumstances.

Each donation is considered separately and distinctly. That is, if you donate multiple times, you will receive the perks associated with each donation individually, not the perks associated with your total accumulated donations.

By donating you are asserting that you have parental permission, if applicable, and are authorized to use the debit/credit card and/or PayPal account to donate. Donations are not tax deductible.

Vote Points
Minecraft Players In Game Name

Pay to win?
No not at all,  Vote points can be achieved by regularly playing on the server, Example of ways to get vote points: Voting, Create keys, Contest, Player rewards.