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Real Name: Chuck Wallace


Post by cewallace » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:21 am

My name is Charles E Wallace
I am over 60 years old and going on 90.
If you need to contact me:
1766 Eucalyptus St
Perris, Ca 92570 U.S.A.

My first love for minecraft was with a server called woodenaxe.com.
it was owned by Matt Drollette, with no admins or staff of any kind, it had just the min of plugins.
Chestshop Coreprotest Residence and Essentials for set 2 homes and money balance.. that it.
I was online with them for four years, then something happened as it does with most servers, it took a nose dive, the owner no longer kept any control of the players, it got so bad with all the griefing and foul language i left to start my own server , shortly after woodenaxe.com closed. I did receive help from Matt in setting up my server. to this day I do thank him. The one advice he gave me was not to trust people with the server functions.

I started my server in Jun 2015 and its been a real lot of fun, the server was destroyed 4 times over the last four years by people who I have trusted, and gave them special commands. Yep I just don't learn.

The main reason I started woodenaxe.net was not for profit but to give me something to do at night and hang out with others doing the same things i like to do while i monitor my Mom and step Dad as a caregiver and medic, As a retired truck driver I had the most free time to do this, the rest of the family could not. My step dad passed away a year ago, and my mom now 82 years old suffers from night time seizures and tachycardia. I have a camera above her bed and monitor her breathing and heart rate. with her new meds to treat her tachycardia she longer has seizures but still requires monitoring. she is able to take care of her self for normal activities, all though sometimes she is in a land far far away.

This is the reason I am only on at night from 10pm to 5am pst. 7 days a week.
The rest of my time is taking care of her and 6 dogs, and the house maintenance duties.
I still love to build things in minecraft it's just my speed at the age of 60+.

Hope to see you all on line.
Aug 28 2018

My Sweet Mother
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