Welcome to Woodenaxe

Welcome To Woodenaxe
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Welcome to Woodenaxe

Post by cewallace » Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:59 am

Welcome to Woodenaxe
We first opened on May 19 2015
Spawn is protected, You must go past the fort to start building.
For Land Protection We Use Grief Prevention
This is a PVE Survival Server.

This woodenaxe server is for everyone to enjoy. The game is played on an even board whether you are new to Minecraft or a professional player. We welcome all Young and and the Old.

Well, just like thousands out there, we are hopelessly addicted to Minecraft and it is ok with us. We do not want a cure to this awesome addiction. What we want… is more Minecraft and we will not rest till everyone in the world is hooked on this Minecraft lifestyle. So quit your job , drop out of school and dump your girlfriend/boyfriend.

* Please note that the server's is rated R-18 due to some of the content that can be featured in the ingame chat. While we allow people of all ages, player discretion is advised.

Plugin's :
ChestShop CoreProtect EssentialsX EssentialsXSpawn Residence HolographicDisplays MobHunting NoSpawnChunks OnePlayerSleep PermissionsEx ServerSigns SignColorPlus SupaDupaBroadcast SuperVanish Vault worldedit

Community Driven
We are heavily focused on building a great community here at Woodenaxe. We also encourage players to start their own towns, inviting others to live with them and help make the towns grow. Events are also held to bring everyone together. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help.
Server Review By, TheSaint

Woodenaxe is a small, friendly, community survival server, with mature staff always willing to help you. This is a non-grief and non-random PvP server but they offer many fun games players can take part in, including PvP and Mobhunt, Microbuild. They have a resource world for players to find all the resources they need and kits to help get you started. Some other fun plugins you’ll find here are Flesh to Leather and Crazy Crates.
So come and join the fun, no whitelist, any and all players are welcome!

Server Ranks:
Owner: cewallace : Marshal
Admin: Open : Marshal
Admin: Open : Sheriff
Developer : Open : Deputy
Moderator : Open: Sheriff
Helper : Open : Bounty Hunter

Main World: Built February 21 2019
It will be our main world on this server, the world is 20,000 blocks and will be expanded by 10,000 blocks with each new version of Minecraft. this will be done rather then keep replacing the world with each new release, this will allow players to keep this fantastic builds without the worry of it being replaced or deleted.

You start out inside at spawn where you can find free food and supplies, there are helpful signs and information throughout the spawn point , to build just go past the spawn and have at it, you can also use /rtp to teleport you away from the spawn to a random location.
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