Reimbursement Request:

Grief Reports
Please be specific and whenever possible include the coordinates, when you first noticed the grief, what the damage is, and any screenshots.
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Reimbursement Request:

Post by cewallace » Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:48 pm

How to get reimbursed

Lost some important stuff due to some crazy glitch? You may apply for the items of worth that you lost in the forums here. You must use the template given, we are very strict about this one. Note: we use CoreProtect logs to inspect reimbursement requests. If there is no evidence to back up your claim, we cannot reimburse you.

Eligible Reimbursements

Death upon logging into the overworld.
Victim of griefing. This includes the killing of animals you keep or crops being broken or trampled by others.
Server-wide issues that cause or are caused by rollbacks, glitches, or bugs with the server itself.
"Inventory-Tweaks" reimbursements. These issues involve items in your inventory "disappearing". This seems to be most common with bags, and is usually resolved by pressing "R" (inventory sorting), clicking around the empty slots in your inventory, or logging out and back in. If none of these work, you may apply for reimbursement.

Ineligible Reimbursements

Natural Deaths. This includes any time you die to "natural, unassisted" deaths from mobs, lava, water, etc. Any deaths you'd normally experience in minecraft are not eligible for reimbursement.

Deaths in the Nether. The nether is very glitchy. It's been known to happen that people walk through their Nether portal and end up in lava on the other side. It's also a known glitch/bug to spawn in lava if you've logged out while in the Nether and log back in. We recommend logging out in the Overworld. Jetpacks also seem to be glitchy in the Nether and sometimes do not function properly.

Deaths in other Dimensions. Other dimensions, like the Deep Dark and in space have been known to cause deaths upon logging into the server while in this world. We recommend going back to the overworld before logging out of the server in order to prevent a possible death.

Deaths due to flying/levitating. Any death while using these items will be counted as a natural death. We will not reimburse you based on "word of mouth". We use CoreProtect logs to monitor and search for almost anything that happens on the server, if it isn't there, we can't reimburse you.

Items stolen from chests. The only legal way for other players to access your chest is if you've unlocked them or given them rights to access your chest. Only give access to chests if you trust the other player.

Members with VIP+ and Elite use the compass at their own risk! You will not be reimbursed if you die from suffocation, burning in lava, falling out of the world, etc.

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