New Server And Update

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New Server And Update

Post by cewallace » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:41 am

NetherBox closed it doors.
As of Feb 20 23019 We have a new Minecraft Hosting Service!!
We Welcome Pebblehost to Woodenaxe.

Apr 9 2019 Update : Woodenaxe will be opened when spigot 1.14 becomes available.
I am working on the plugins for now.
some of the changes I am making:
1 – No Admin Shops – it ruins the economy for all players.
2 – All grinders must have some kind of public access to a no cost supply chest. This is so that players can have an option to build their own grinders or not. player who build grinders must register it’s location on the forum or it will be removed.
3 – Resource world resets at 2400 hr pst last day of each month, No land claims, Daytime Always, No Mobs
4 – Locket for chest is removed. land claim will protect all chest within it’s borders.
5 – Extra land claim tags added to stop mobs from spawning, so lots of torches no longer needed .
6 – Discord will be used for voice chat only, all other chats is to be done ingame.
7 – Added crate keys , you can win server commands, money, extra land claim blocks. get keys with each vote.
8 – Added vote shop. you can use vote points to get great stuff.

Lots more coming soon.
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