These rules are here to help keep our server running smoothly and to help us build a friendly community of players who enjoy building, creating, and exploring. Failure to follow the rules may result in jailing, muting, or banning.
Playing on our server means you agree to the following rules:

1. Respect other players
Do not insult other players in chat (no name calling, or swearing at each other). Do not use hate speech or deliberately try to be offensive. Do not use signs or other messages to disrespect other players. Please remember that our server has players from many different backgrounds, cultures, political affiliations, religions, ages, genders, and sexualities. You do not have to like or agree with everyone, but you do need to respect them. We will not tolerate bigoted, racist, sexist, etc. players.

2. No griefing or stealing
We are not a raid or factions server. Do not take things that do not belong to you. Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds. There is NO excuse for griefing. If you discover another player has done something to you, report it to staff. Do not grief or steal from them in revenge. You will be punished for retaliatory actions. We take things like lava and TNT seriously, and players who use them against other players risk being Permanently Jailed.

3. Don’t abuse the chat system
Do not advertise for other servers in chat. Do not spam chat. Do not use chat to beg other players for anything (this can include items, teleport requests, etc). Do not use chat to insult other players (see Rule 1). Do not use hate speech in chat (see Rule 1).
Use of swear words is not allowed any will be deleted
You must speak English in public chat. Other languages may be used in private messages.

4. No PVP except in designated areas
Unless you are playing in a negative x coordinates and a negative z coordinates zone or
in a Land Claim that allows PVP. Other than that PVP is not allowed on Woodenaxe.
Any attempts to kill other players without consent will not be tolerated.
TNT, lava, pushing, traps, etc. are all forms of PVP. Pranks of any kind are also not allowed. Do not spawn kill while in PVP areas.

5. No anti-AFK devices allowed
Going AFK is fine, but AFK time does not count toward time logged. Attempts to get around this by building anti-afk pools or devices are strictly forbidden. This includes afk fishing farms that prevent you from going AFK.

6. No client hacks, cheating or server exploits
Any client mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed and you will be banned until you remove them from your client. Only mods that give aesthetic improvements can be used, such as OptiFine, mapping mods, mods that give more information about your inventory, etc.
We will NOT allow x-ray mods, flight and other movement type mods, PVP mods, building mods. If you are unsure whether a client mod is allowed, do not hesitate to ask us.
Server exploits are also not allowed. This includes (but isn’t limited to) item duplicators, large entity farms, extra launchers, overuse of redstone clocks and DDOS attacks. Again, please ask if you are unsure about this.

7. Respect staff
Staffs are here to assist you and to keep the server running smoothly. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, please respect that. Do not abuse or disrespect staff in chat. If you are in need of assistance, you should ask a for help first. Players may refer you to a staff member if they are unable to assist. Players that offer help are NOT here to help you mine, destroy your builds, or give you things. If they assist you in something like that, it is not part of their game play time.

8. Respect other players’ builds and spaces
Many of our players like to build big, and like lots of space around them to do so. Please do not build close to other players without asking them if it’s okay first. If you are visiting someone and they ask you to leave, please do so. Don’t grief or steal from other players. Don’t break other player’s crops, or kill their farm animals.

9. Beware of sharing your account
If you share your account with another player (such as a sibling or friend) who does not abide by our rules, we may ban your account. Please take care that only YOU have access to your account, or that anyone you share with is fully aware of our server rules and will obey them. You take responsibility for everything that happens on your account.

10. Obey signs and written instructions
This particularly applies to public farms. Signs are there to direct you in how to use the farm without abusing the farm. Please pay attention to ALL signs and instructions. Failure to do so may result in loss of farm privileges, jail time, or possibly banning.

11. Do not circumvent a ban by logging in with an alt account
This rule should be common sense – if you are ever banned from our network, it does not mean you can log in using another account. We have tools in place to check whether a player is logging in from the same IP address as a banned player. So don’t try to get around your ban, we will know.
If you see someone breaking the rules report It.